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iCool has agency and repair arrangements in every major country. We have an excellent reputation for customer support and backup service. Our products are very easy to repair in the unlikely event that you have a problem. You can normally expect thousands of hours operation between overhauls. Components are always in stock ready to express to anywhere in the world.

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Keeping the temperature accurate:
Occasionally when I check the pool temperature with a thermometer it is 1 or 2 degrees different to what the iCool displays: A lot of thought went into how the temperature would be extracted and displayed. What we are doing here is covering against the risk of providing an earth return path for other peoples bad wiring. Having our temperature probes completely internal eliminates this small but real risk completely.

The primary motivation was to make the system totally safe by avoiding electrical devices such as a temperature probe being external and in the bath itself with the risk of cable damage and a short circuit. As the shield on such cables has to be at earth potential it would present a small risk of an earth return path and consequently an electric shock from any other appliance or electric field that the user in the bath may accidentally come into contact with, due to water on the floor.  This could happen from a number of external sources such as bad wiring in the building or in another appliance sitting in the water. In such a case the danger of a stray electric field would not be detected by our earth leakage safety system as it would be external to our units sensor and not part of the iCool's system.
So, making sure the iCool has no components that are not protected by our safety system is the reason for internal sensing. This gives ultimate safety, but presents a problem of where to measure the water temperature. We chose to measure the temperature as the water flows between the pump and the evaporator which is the actual water temperature returning from the pool. Our scale is very accurate, we have tested it many times. 
There are several reasons for getting a different temperature in parts of the pool, all to do with physics and nothing to do with system accuracy. 
First, don't assume that digital thermometers are accurate, the industry standard normally rates them at plus or minus 1 to 1.5 degrees C, so there can be up to 3 degrees difference between thermometers. Furthermore they rely on small changes in resistance in a thermistor (a resistor that changes resistance with temperature) at the end of the probe wire. Thermistors are a high impedance device that are subject to drift over time and typical digital thermometers don't compensate for this drift, so you can get a different reading from the same thermometer on different days.
The pool water is not stirred and as it changes only about once every 15 minutes there is an unavoidable variation between different parts of the water. Therefore, even if we were to have a probe in the actual bath we could get very different readings depending on where in the bath we put it. Everyone is familiar with this effect in a normal household warm bathtub. You can run a hot or cold tap into the bath for quite a while with only a local effect on the temperature and if you feel other parts of the bath the temperature is different enough to be felt even just by your hand. We all know from everyday experience that you can have a difference of several degrees from one part of a normal hot bathtub until you stir the water. This is the same in any body of water and at any temperature range unless you stir the water to thoroughly mix it. This applies everywhere in nature from oceans to swimming pools. When you dive down in water the temperature normally gets a lot colder than the surface, which shows how long layers of water can maintain a different temperature even in the same pool or ocean where they are in direct contact. 
You will find that if you move the thermometer to different parts of the iCool pool you will get different temperature readings, this is physics and applies to everyone and every pool, not just us. We actually cover this subject in the instructions quite well and point out that the user can eliminate the difference by determining the difference for their particular setup and compensating for this known difference when they set the desired temperature.  Anyone claiming greater accuracy is just talking nonsense that defies the science. The control of the temperature of the water in the iCool is extremely accurate within 1 degree, but after it leaves it is subjected to all of these factors.
The other factor that impacts on temperature difference between the water in the iCool and outside is the ambient temperature and humidity. In high humidity, a considerable amount of the cold is lost due to condensation on the hose to the pool and the sides of the pool. Condensing moisture robs a lot of energy, we compensate for this by having a powerful cooling system but it's not possible to transmit the water through these external parts with no loss at all.
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